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The Privacy Policy Of Is Crystal Clear And Safe For Everyone’s Convenience

Over the years, has accumulated customer trust by outlining our company’s privacy policy with every deal we make with our clients. We encourage all of our current and prospective customers to glance over our stated rules, which are as follows.

Personal Information Required

For all the visitors to our web page, no personal information is or will be required during their browsing. You may safely traverse our pages knowing with full confidence that our website is freely accessible and does now require inputting any information.

The only occasion in which such information will be asked from you is during a transaction or submission of your order. In this case, you will be required to fill in the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Contact information (email, phone number, etc.)
  • What format of animation/video is required?
  • What is the deadline?
  • Suitable package

The above mentioned information will only be asked at the end of our submission process. It will be used to enhance our services and will be exploited within lawful means. The data will allow us to provide our clients with the following advantages:

  • Smooth transaction process
  • Clients will receive receipt of payment as well as notifications of any unforeseen delay in their project

All information will be guarded by our sophisticated security and will not be leaked or forfeited under any condition, unless if the client information is summoned by the court of law.

Tracking Data

Our website uses sessions-based service to provide for a user friendly and fluid experience. That is why our website employs cookies taken from the client.

Please note that cookies will only forward us the data regarding user preferences and settings, and will not be used maliciously or for the purpose of extracting personal information. Using cookies is purely optional, and any visitor to our website may elect to disable them from their internet browser.

Third Party Websites

Our clients will find a vast collection of resources available solely on our website. However, in order to assist our customers further, we have linked third party web pages as well.

Should our clients choose to visit these links, please note that all clauses of our privacy policy will no longer be valid. Our company will not be responsible for any breaches in confidentiality while you are outside our website.

We implore all our visitors to tread carefully when visiting external links, and make sure to go over the policy that is applied to those websites.


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