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Our process of video production

To achieve the dual objectives of on-time delivery of videos to the clients, and creation of brilliant videos that exceed the clients’ expectations; it is extremely important that the process of video production is streamlined. Keeping in mind this fact, all our video making tasks are divided into four steps. Each and every video passes through the following four stages before the final product is ready to be presented to the client.

Information gathering and concept finalization

A lot of hard work goes into the creation of videos that are informative as well as entertaining. It all starts with our team asking the client for the information that would be needed to produce the video. As we want the video to be fully customized, we request the client for information regarding the company’s vision, the idea behind the product, and the audience that is to be specifically targeted through the video. Aside from asking for information, our proactive team conducts independent research in order to be well-informed before they start working. The client is then invited to provide their creative input for developing the concept for the video. The concept/idea for the video is always finalized in collaboration with the client. We try to achieve a creative balance between our team and the client’s when it comes to deciding upon the main concept for the video, and also, throughout the rest of the stages.

Script writing and voice-over recording

After the idea and the message to be conveyed is finalized based upon the information gathered, next comes script writing – a very important step in the process. Our proficient scriptwriters come up with an engaging script that would tell a compelling pitch, or an entertaining story, within the frame of a minute of two. To win over the viewers, it is necessary that the script is written in a concise, easy-to-understand, and effective manner. Script writing is followed by voice-over recording. We are fortunate enough to have some of the best voice-over professionals on our team. From these artists, the voice-over artist for a particular video is selected after getting approval from the client. Following this, the recording is done.

Animation & visual effects

This is the step where our creative team creates animations, and the visual effects that give the animation movement. They also choose the infographics to be included in the video. The creative process at its height! Again, it is ensured that the animations are created in a way that the video’s message gets across to the viewers. Storyboards and style frames are crafted keeping in mind the client’s business, and a particular brand’s image. The client is with us at this step as well! Feedback is taken from them regarding the visual aspects of the video. If the client is not satisfied with our choice of character designs, storyboards or visual effects, changes are made as per their requirement.

Editing & video production
  • After this comes the stage where the video is put together!
  • Music and sound effects are added to the video to make it truly enthralling.
  • The first draft of this awesome video is then sent to the client, so that they can review it, and provide valuable feedback.
  • If the client asks for changes, our team never hesitates to make them, as we allow two rounds of revision.
  • If the client is fully satisfied with the end product, we send them the files for the final project. A mind-blowing video is now ready to be put on your website, presented at a trade show, or posted on any social media site.

The quality and impact of the video you’ll receive will surely make you come back to us for your next video. And here we are, ready to serve you whenever you need!

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