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Terms and Conditions

Understanding our terms and conditions should give all our prospective customers a thorough understanding of how DemoDuck.co.uk operates. They are stated as follows.

  • Payment Procedure

Please see the complete variety of packages available on our website, before placing your final order. Once you are ready for submission, please note that our policy requires you to pay half of the price upon the submission of your order.

Upon the completion of your product, our website will send a preview copy to review. If satisfied, the customer will then be required to pay the final half of the complete payment in order to receive a completed order.

  • Order Duration And Completion

As a company standard, we assure you that all orders, regardless of size and type, will take us approximately four to five weeks to complete. However, your order may experience delays due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural disaster occurrences. In such scenarios, the affected client will be informed via their provided contact information about the delay.

  • Unfair Use

All video products made by our company will never be exploited for commercial or marketing use. They are the sole property of our trusted clients, and we are prepared to send them the proof of ownership.

  • Privacy

All clients who deal with our company are under our privacy protection and their personal data will be kept with the utmost confidentiality. With that said, our clients should also note that this policy does not in any way insinuate the existence of a partnership between the company and the client, and they will not be granted a stake with our company.

  • Order Termination

For canceling your order, all clients must write a formal request for cancelation via email, and within no longer than fifteen days of order submission. Upon confirmation of your request, all work on your designated project will be halted immediately, and the client information will be removed from our storage.

  • Refund Rules

Our company allows for a refund on all our orders. However, before we grant one to a customer, their request will be reviewed and scrutinized while keeping our policies in mind. If the refund request is due to customer dissatisfaction, then we hold the right to deny their request if the stated reason conflicts with the client’s own instructions for the project. We are not responsible for any mistakes made on the client’s part when he or she submits their order. We enjoin you to be careful when submitting your order in the first place.

  • Regulations

Our company operates within the rules and regulations set forth by the laws of the United States. This includes our transaction methods, client services, delivery methods and company policies as a whole. Violating or disobeying these laws holds us eligible to be prosecuted in the court of law.

  • Right of Amendment

Our clauses are subject to change in the near or far future. Our company holds the right to alter any of the clauses we have stated in this article. Therefore, we encourage all clients and customers to frequently check them and make sure they are satisfied, before ordering our services.

Please make sure you understand all the statements made above, before placing your order. If you are unclear, feel free to contact us at info@demoduck.co.uk. We will not be responsible for any irregularities with client services resulting from client’s lack of understanding of our rules.


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